Best Hiking Backpack

Best Hiking Backpack
You can’t go hiking without the best hiking backpack, not because there’s a rule that says you can’t but because you don’t want to ruin your hike with your items falling out of your backpack or getting aching shoulders from having to carry a backpack with no adjustable shoulder straps or shoulder straps which are not foam padded.

Of course if you are planning to head out into the wild, you should already have it in mind to get the best gears for your planned hiking, and what is the first thing you need? A hiking backpack! This brings us to the aspect of deciding if the backpack is truly worthy of being tagged the best.

When you decide to purchase a hiking backpack, you should ask yourself – ‘does this backpack have features worthy to be termed the best?’

These two factors are useful pointers;

The weight of the backpack

The first thing that would guide your decision on the backpack is the weight of the backpack. If you are looking for a lightweight backpack, then cut down the weight of the backpack to the barest minimum.

If however you are opting for a conventional backpack, then have your backpack lightweight but it should most certainly not be as light as a lightweight backpack. For long hour hikes, its best you go with the conventional backpacks because of the thin sized straps of the lightweight backpacks.

Your budget

Let your budget do the assessment. You can’t have a budget of $50 and be looking forward to checking out backpacks of well over $100.

A good backpack doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive backpack. You can find a great budget which wouldn’t require you to break your bank. As a rule of thumb, don’t overspend.

There are also things to consider before opting for a hiking backpack – that is aside the general budget and weight of backpack. Some certain factors are to be checked and cross checked to ensure that your backpack meets your every needs. These factors include;

Things to consider before you purchase that hiking backpack

The length of the trip and/or carrying capacity of the backpack:

Before you purchase that backpack, take out time to carefully analyze if it what you need. Your first stop to doing this is to consider how long you would be on a trail.

The rule of hiking is the longer you plan staying on the hike, the bigger your backpack should be. This laid out rule would help you decide what capacity backpack is good for you based off your planned nights on the trail;

  • 1 – 3 nights; 30 to 50 liters
  • 3 – 5 nights; 50 to 75 liters
  • Up to 7 nights; anything from 70 liters is good.

Age and/or Gender specific backpacks

There are backpacks which are made specifically for the female gender, while some others are made with teenagers, adolescents in mind. Backpacks that are made to suite these sets of people are refined to fit them accordingly so they can have a more comfortable hiking experience.

These types of backpacks have some unique distinguishing features like – more curved waist belts, narrower shoulder width and length of torso being shorter. For the youth specific backpacks, they have smaller carrying capacity and they usually come with adjustable suspension that sees your child never outgrows his backpack.

Size/ Torso length

This is a very crucial factor you must consider prior to selecting any hiking backpack. Backpacks come in various sizes from small to medium and finally large.

You might want to measure your torso to find the backpack which is great for you (backpacks are also measured in inches, so measuring and selecting the right size isn’t so difficult.

If you are not so sure how to decide the right fit, here’s something to guide you.

  • Extra small = 15.5-inches
  • Small = 16 to 17.5-inches
  • Medium = 18 to 20-inches
  • Large = above 20-inches.

5 Best Hiking Backpacks Review

Gonex Military Molle 900D Oxford Waterproof Tactical Hiking/Camping Backpack

Gonex military Molle 900D Oxford waterproof tactical hiking backpack is an American made backpack. It is made of some really tough materials although same may not be said for the side mesh.

The 900D oxford waterproof fabric is sturdily made and is designed to last several years. With a carry capacity of 70 liters, you are surely going to enjoy packing all your best gears with this American backpack.

It’s also a military grade backpack and as such you can be rest assured that it’s of high quality.


  • 70 liters of storage capacity
  • Padded shoulder straps which are adjustable and built for comfort
  • Features mesh lumbar pad that have pores to allow airflow round the back
  • Adjustable waist belt which is fully padded and has a wide locking mechanism
  • It is aesthetically sound and very attractive to look at.
  • Several compartments for housing all your gears from PC/tablet to cameras, clothes, watches, compass and just about everything you need for your hike.
  • The design of the Gonex backpack is simple even though it still has this pleasing look to it.
  • Comes with a guarantee (100% satisfied or a full refund if not satisfied)
  • It weighs about 2.5kg or 88 ounces which makes it somewhat convenient to carry and lightweight.
  • It is both waterproof and anti-scratch.


  • One thing is for sure, you are not making a mistake with the Gonex military backpack because this backpack is built to last you several years of intense usage.
  • It comes with a free rain cover/fly which is built into the backpack.
  • The Gonex military hiking backpack is compact.
  • With its 70 liters carrying capacity, you are not limited to what you can carry. From books, to cameras to PC/tablet and other materials like shoes. There’s room for all of them. If you plan to hike for longer periods of time, you’ll get to love the roomy capacity of this hiking backpack.
  • Another selling point of the backpack is the waterproof and scratch resistant material used to manufacture it. The 900D Oxford material can withstand the weather elements and the rain fly embedded in the backpack’s bottom region is also ready for extraction when needed.
  • The weight decomposition carrying system of the backpack is great. You can easily adjust the backpack to three different sizes, and then there’s the elasticity sponge which sees airflow circulate round your back to keep it dry and also comfortably cool.
  • Thanks to the MOLLE external expansion system of the Gonex military hiking backpack, you can easily sync your backpack for use with other gears or equipments. For instance, you can add extra pockets, water bottle holder and the likes.


  • The side meshes pockets of the Gonex hiking backpack falls short of expectation. It’s not well made like the rest of the backpack.


The Gonex Military Molle 900D Oxford waterproof hiking backpack is a great backpack for any serious outdoor lover looking for a large carrying backpack for his/her hiking needs.

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Venture Pal’s lightweight, durable travel hiking backpack is another worthy consideration. This backpack is not meant for long distance hikes and as such comes with a reduced carrying capacity of 35 liters. If you are looking to hike light for say a day or two or at most 4 days, with just a few gears like your camera, one or two clothes and other items, then this backpack is for you.


  • Venture Pal travel backpack key feature is its lightweight nature. It weighs just 11 ounces making it a very light backpack.
  • The backpack is also very compact and thus reliable if you have limited space at your destination. You simply just fold it and store it away in one of its pockets.
  • The backpack measure 9 x 8.5 x 2.2 inches when folded and 20 x 13 x 7.5 inches when unfolded
  • Venture Pal has several compartments for storing away all your gears, this way you are left more organized at your camp site and while on the trail. The compartments are about five (5) in numbers.
  • The bottom of the backpack is layered twice to keep items securely tucked in.
  • There are bar-tacks placed in select areas which are expected to be problematic as time goes on, this way you are sure of those areas not breaking easily.


  • Venture Pal has taken into consideration the durability of backpack as one of the most crucial determinants for buying backpacks. This backpack is built sturdily to last you for years.
  • The materials used in the manufacture process are sturdy and of high quality. They are also water resistant and tear resistant.
  • The Venture Pal backpack double layered ends make it comfortable to have more items in your backpack without fears of it tearing apart.
  • Bar-tacks are strategically placed at areas with fears of tears to reinforce them and ensure the backpacks last for years
  • It’s very compact and a great travel companion. It can be folded into its inner pocket and stored away or used as an extra bag during travels.
  • The heavy duty SBS zippers which go two ways used for the backpack ensure you never have issues with locking your backpack.
  • There are many compartments to contain most of your gears and keep you organized at the same time.
  • Very lightweight backpack weighing 11 ounces
  • It’s a great backpack for its price. A cost effective gear for any hiker on a budget


  • Not enough space for longer hikes, so you would need to consider other options


If you are on a budget or just love lightweight backpacks, then this is the best backpack for you. You probably won’t find another venture Pal backpack weighing 11 ounces that features bar-tacks and great zippers.

Onepack 50L (45+5) Waterproof Hiking Backpack/Daypack

OnePack 50 liters waterproof hiking backpack is another backpack any serious hiker should consider. Yes it does have 50 liters of carrying capacity which is fair if you plan to spend just shy of a week outdoors on a hike across mountains or forests.

The OnePack 50 liters waterproof hiking backpack has several features which we would be highlighting below.


  • This backpack boasts high carry capacity (50 liters) which is ideal for hauling more stuff on your hiking expedition. You are not restricted in your carry options. You can carry just about all your favorite stuffs and important king gears like cameras and binoculars.
  • The Onepack 50 liters waterproof hiking backpack is built to last. It features high quality polyester and nylon fiber combination.
  • It has a strong hanging system that lets carrying the backpack on your back without experiencing serious back pain and other inconveniences.
  • The backpack is also fairly lightweight at about 2.4 pounds. This is a conventional backpack not a lightweight backpack as such the weight is rather impressive.
  • This Onepack hiking backpack is water resistant thanks to its low friction, waterproof nylon fabric, you can enjoy camping, backpacking, hiking without the fear of leaking skies. There’s also a rain cover included as a free accessory of the backpack
  • There are also several compartments to house all your gears and for an organized hiking experience.


  • The backpack lets you stay organized with multiple compartments to keep belongings sorted and easy to locate
  • The backpack is water-resistant
  • 50 liters of storage space which is fair for a 3days hiking trip
  • Backpack is highly durable and built to last
  • If you plan to carry more items, the hanging structure has got you covered.


  • You might need to opt for other backpacks if you plan to exceed the 50 liters of storage space.


Deciding to purchase a backpack has never been easier. If you are after organization or a larger storage space or just looking to save cash then the Onepack 50L hiking backpack is a worthy option.

Mountaintop [2016 NEW] 65L Internal Frame Water-resistant Hiking Backpack

The Mountaintop [2016 new] internal frame water resistant hiking backpack is one backpack that displays versatility and rigidity. This backpack isn’t a hiking only backpack and can be used for just about any outdoor activity from hiking to trekking, forest exploration and even travelling.

The backpack’s features are numerous to mention, but here’s a rundown of what you get when you opt for one of the Mountaintop 65 liters water-resistant backpacks.


  • A versatile backpack that can be used for different outdoor activities like hiking, travelling, camping, backpacking etc.
  • This backpack is built to last and built to withstand very harsh weather conditions
  • Features YKK made buckles and SBS made zippers, so you can be sure of them lasting you several years with intensive usage.
  • The backpack is easy to use and is made up of different compartments for properly storing your hiking gears
  • The mountaintop backpack is water resistant
  • It features wide storage space (65 liters) and is perfect for going on a week’s hike to explore nature’s beauty.


  • The backpack is water resistant
  • It makes use of a super carry system that allows for customization of the backpack.
  • It’s made with durable materials and fabrics.
  • There are padded shoulder straps for a comfortable carry.
  • It’s a very versatile backpack and can be used in about any outdoor activity from trekking, hiking, mountain climbing etc.
  • It has a beautiful look.


  • If you are very tall or a little too fat, then you might want to try out other backpacks.
  • The backpack occasionally takes a U-shape form by bending a few times.


If spacious, comfortable, beautiful design is what you need, the mountaintop hiking backpack is your best bet.

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L – Weekend Pack w/ Waterproof Rain Cover & Laptop Compartment

Outdoor Master 50 liters hiking backpack is that ideal backpack for heading out on a trail especially if you plan to stay out for up to 5 to 7 days. This backpack is multipurpose and would fit great for just about every other outdoor activity ranging from hiking, camping, backpacking, or even leisure travelling.

This backpack is unisex and great for both men and women. It also weighs about 2.6 pounds which fair considering the fact that it is a conventional backpack.


  • The Outdoor Master backpack is a multipurpose backpack and fitting for use for any outdoor activity.
  • The backpack is top-mounted and features a reinforced haul handle for easy carriage.
  • There are lots of pockets for organization.
  • Features a waterproof cover
  • Has 50 liters of carrying capacity which is great for several days of hike.
  • There are well made S-curve shoulder straps and foam padded hip belt for added comfort while carrying the backpack.
  • If you are a gadget freak, there’s room for your laptop and/or tablet (up to 15.6-inch screen device).


  • It weighs 2.6 pounds which may be difficult to drag along on long distance hikes.


The outdoor master hiking backpack is a great backpack for anyone who’s looking for a comfortable hiking experience.