Are Lightweight backpacks better than conventional backpacks?

Are Lightweight backpacks better than conventional backpacks?

Backpacks have over time become an essential accessory popular amongst hikers, sportsmen and students as it offers them the opportunity to move their tools, loads or heavy equipments from place to place with ease compared to holding them on their hands as the hands have little capacity to hold for long periods of time.

A backpack is a cloth, leather, nylon or waterproof sack carried on the back and fastened with straps that go over the shoulders to keep them in place and stabilize the load.

It is no secret that conventional backpacks are now being replaced with lightweight backpacks as these are more fashionable, comfortable, easy to carry and are in different forms and shapes according to their purpose.

Lightweight backpacks often times come with only one shoulder adjustable strap, but there are other variants that come with two shoulder straps or an added option of a hand carrier.

As the name refers, they are not made to carry heavy loads as they are smaller compared to average backpacks, which to me is a letdown as I like going everywhere with my laptop coupled with my books, it adds pressure to the durability of my backpack.

Lightweight backpacks do not have rigid frames compared to average backpacks allowing them to twist and turn in any direction and there are traditionally simple in design and also cheaper compared to traditional backpacks.

These backpacks are widely used by students as it helps them transport educational materials and even laptops to and from school with ease.

Lightweight backpacks are a common scene in schools and campuses as it not only serves as a carrier but also a fashion statement as you see them worn in different attractive colors and shapes and students who still wear backpacks are seen as “old school”.

Lightweight backpacks are usually preferred for their comfort and color! With some new improved products in the market due to the new “culture” and increase in demand, when choosing a backpack, you have to put into consideration what you want to use it for… either hiking, running errands or school.

Your local climate can also influence your choice of material used, online reviews are also great indicators and can help you in your choice and I would advise you to try them on before buying!

Caring for them is very important as I recommend hand wash only so as to preserve the color; you will agree with me that no one wants to wear a faded accessory.

Note worthy also is to be careful not to stuff them with too much load as this will reduce the lifespan and even change the shape of the backpack in a funny way. Also, you do not want to put sharp objects inside them.

Here’s what we can deduce from lightweight backpacks

  • They are usually far lighter than convention backpacks
  • Most of the lightweight backpacks are very compact and can be stored away in one of their inner pockets (some conventional backpacks can too)
  • Lightweight backpacks are usually cheaper than their conventional counterparts. This is probably due to the materials of the backpacks.
  • Their frame are usually flexible when compared with those of conventional backpacks
  • Too much load would probably break them. Pack light if you would be using a lightweight backpack for hiking or camping trip.

Should you buy a lightweight backpack?

While lightweight backpacks are currently enjoying a wide patronage, and being used for some serious hiking and camping actions, there’s someone out there who hasn’t made up his/her mind on what sort of backpack to opt for and thus asks if the lightweight backpack is worth the effort.

Truthfully, if you do know that you would be traveling light (a few gears and hiking necessities) against a full blown carriage which includes items you’ll seldom use, then a lightweight backpack is meant for you. You can even save yourself from serious shoulder ache by travelling light if you plan to spend a few days on the hike.

Lightweight backpacks are a recommended kit for every outdoor lover who actually likes to travel light and thus, while they may not be better than conventional backpacks in features, they are a strong alternative if you don’t see the need for too much stuff.

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