Best hiking backpack for women

Best hiking backpack for women

It is no surprise that women usually carry more stuff than men. I mean, think about it, while you are up on the mountains hiking, you want a change of clothes after breaking a sweat.

After all, if you have to hike in sweaty and dirty clothes then you won’t be comfortable or enjoy as much. The clothing options for women are also way wider than for men.

Women often tend to over pack because they can’t sacrifice on taking their luxury items. So it is safe to say that women would rather carry extra weight than having to compromise on letting go of their necessities.

However, it is not all that easy for hikers to carry a lot of weight while they are trying to cover miles. Think about it, it takes you a lot of effort to take the next step towards your destination and in a situation like this the only thing that is holding you back, is your backpack!

With that being said, it is not always wise to carry a heavy backpack with you for an adventurous sport. However with ultralight backpacks available these days it is not quite that hard to travel light.

So keeping that in mind we have compiled a list of backpacks which are perfect for women.

Osprey Aura AG 50

The first thing that a woman hiker would notice about this backpack is its beautiful design. In addition to the design being perfect for women hikers, it is simple and functional.

The backpack can be adjusted according to the duration of your trip. From days to weeklong trips, you can adjust the size of the backpack and hike in style. Perhaps the best feature of this backpack is its lightweight.

Like we discussed earlier how crucial it is for women to buy a lightweight bag, the Osprey Aura meets that requirement of women. It is also perfect to be taken out in different seasons so whether you will be hiking under the blazing sun of July or trekking during the season where rain is predictable, this backpack will be your perfect companion.

The North Face Terra 55

The next backpack to make it to this list is The North Face Terra 55. In addition to being super comfortable and stylish this backpack is also affordable.

Although the design of this backpack is super simple, it is functional. The backpack consists of different compartments, which is perfect for women who like to keep everything organized.

If you have the experience of carrying a backpack that provides multiple compression options then you must know how complicated and messy the straps become. So if you are trying to avoid that then this backpack is perfect for you because it only offers a limited compression options.

Mountain Hardwear Ozonic 58 – Women’s

This backpack is perfect for women who take backpacking very seriously. If you find yourself up on the mountains very frequently then this backpack is perfect for you.

For a serious adventurist, durable gear is crucial because you don’t want to worry about replacing your gear every now and then. So if you are that kind of person then the Mountain Hardwear Ozonic 58 is going to prove itself as an investment piece for you.

It exterior in addition to being tough, is also very aesthetic, making it a perfect pick for women who are looking for well-designed backpacks.

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t get held back by rainy weather then you really need to purchase this backpack as it is waterproof. This by far is the most versatile backpack to make it to this list.


This backpack is made up of material which is thin which in turn makes it ultralight. It is made up of Cuben fiber which is a great material for a backpack to be made up of because it makes it lightweight.

For women this is a great option because of its weight. So you can feel free to pack as much stuff as you want in your backpack because the bag itself isn’t going to add to the total weight because it is light like a feather.

One downside of this backpack is that it is expensive because the Cuben fiber is an expensive material.

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