Best hiking backpack under $100

Best hiking backpack under $100

For a travel enthusiast and an adventurer such as yourself, the right kind of gear is crucial. People who take pleasure in going on hiking trips know how important it is to take along the necessary equipment.

From tents to trekking poles, you should be accompanied by things that will take your backpacking experience from ordinary to amazing. Apart from the perfect tent and sturdy hiking poles, you need a hiking backpack to take along because where else are you going to keep all of your stuff?

The kind of hiking backpack you choose should depend upon multiple factors. For example the duration of your hike, the amount of things you want to take along, and the size of your torso are key factors which will help you in determining the type of hiking backpack you should purchase.

So to make it easier for you to decide, we have compiled a list of backpacks which are under $100. Read on to know more about their specifications.

High Sierra Explorer 55 lts

People claim that this hiking backpack is perfect for people especially who go on long hikes which last for up to 2 – 3 days. Considering the price, the backpack is sturdy, comfortable to carry, and lightweight.

Being lightweight is a good benefit that it offers because during the hike you don’t want the extra weight of the bag to weigh you down. Although this backpack is cheap and won’t give you the comfort that comes along with an expensive backpack, it will definitely be worth more than its price.

Teton Sports Explorer 4000

The Teton Sports Explorer backpack is made specifically for hiking purposes. The sack is made in a way which makes it very strong and durable which is perfect for someone who will be going on hiking trips frequently.

Probably the best feature of this backpack is the padding it provides near the back to protect your hips and spine so that you can have a comfortable trip. This bag provides you with enough room to pack your stuff for a weeklong trip.

However one downside of this backpack is that due to the padding it provides you with and its big size, the Teton Sports Explorer is slightly on the heavier side. So if you are strong and fit enough to carry a heavy backpack then you won’t be facing any difficulties after purchasing it.

Another minor setback that this bag has is the fact that it has a small compartment for a sleeping bag. But for the low price of $53, it is quite easy to convince yourself to ignore the small defect.

New 60+10L Internal Frame Backpack AVS by Cuscus

This hiking backpack by Cuscus is very well manufactured. It provides your back with support and makes your hike a comfortable one.

Cuscus is popular for manufacturing affordable and durable backpacks and this bag in particular is one of their best creations. People claim that this bag is well worth its money because a high end bag similar to this one would cost them about three times as much.

Everest hiking backpack

The Everest hiking backpack is perhaps the cheapest bag to make it on this list. You can get this bag for as low as $30. It is perfect for people who start off by purchasing a cheap backpack.

However the benefits that this backpack offers are quite a lot for its low price. It can be found in different variety of colors and it is made up of 600d polyester. The waist strap is adjustable which makes it easier to carry and adjust.

JanSport Big Bear 63

The JanSport Big Bear is also a good hiking backpack option to look at. This backpack is lightweight which makes it a good choice for people who don’t want to take a heavy backpack on their hiking trip.

Although it is light, this backpack can carry a good amount of your hiking equipment. The design is simple but is made with careful consideration because it offers enough padding to keep you comfortable on the mountains.

All in all, the JanSport Big Bear seems to be a rugged backpack considering the weight. However, one thing you should keep in mind before buying this backpack is that it only fits people whose torso measures under 20 inches.

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