Gonex Military Molle 900D Oxford Waterproof Tactical Hiking/Camping Backpack Review

Gonex Military Molle 900D Oxford Waterproof Tactical Hiking/Camping Backpack Review

Backpacks are an important accessory if you plan to follow a trail on foot. There are backpacks of varying capacity which ultimately determines if you would be spending days or even weeks on a trail.

Capacities less than 50 liters would serve you well on a few days trip however, for longer trips you might need a larger backpack say 70+ liters.

When selecting backpacks for a long distance trail, you might want to checkout reliable brands and what previous customers have to say about them. Gonex backpacks for one are some of the best based on features, reviews and capacity.

The Gonex Military hiking backpack for one is well made tactical backpack if you plan to undertake like a survival camping or hiking mission. The backpack is loaded with features from a sturdy 900D waterproof material to the added side benefits like the included rain fly.


  • Enough with the small talks, let’s see what exactly makes the Gonex Military hiking backpack a worthy backpack.
  • First things first, this is an American made backpack and ships from the USA, so you are not going to be disturbed about shipping and related issues.
  • The Gonex tactical backpack is made with very high quality materials which are durable. The 900D oxford fabric for one is sturdy and built to last.
  • The backpack has a compact internal frame and also a fairly large carry capacity of 70 liters which should comfortable house most of your hiking gears.
  • The shoulder straps of the backpack are contoured. They are also padded for comfort and adjustable to let you choose your best carry pattern, thus drastically reducing issues related to sore shoulders.
  • There’s also an included mesh lumbar pad which is thick enough to provide comfort. This mesh pad is strategically located where you would require it. The pores of the mesh pad allows for airflow all over your back.
  • There’s an adjustable waist belt which is fully padded and has a wide locking mechanism.
  • If you care about the looks of your backpack, then this Gonex is a looker! It’s aesthetically sound, making for a stylish backpacking companion. The design is also simple.
  • If you are wondering about the dimensions of the Gonex military waterproof back, well here it is: 34 W x 80H x 22 D cm. The weight of the backpack is 2.5 Kg or 88 ounces.
  • Of course we can’t skip the water-proof and anti-scratch tendencies of the backpack, thanks to the 900D oxford fabric it is made of.
  • There are compartments for virtually every gear you can think of, making it a great all-in-one backpack for your hikes.
  • The guarantee of the Gonex military backpack is rather interesting with a 100% satisfied or a quick return if you aren’t exactly pleased.


  • I love the look and feel of the Gonex military backpack, have a premium and sturdy appearance and doesn’t disappoint in usage either.
  • If you are looking for a strong backpack, you’ve definitely arrived at the right place. This tactical backpack lives up to its appearance.
  • The free rain cover/fly that’s built into the backpack is a great one and would come in handy when the clouds decide to take a leak.
  • It’s compact.
  • It has a fairly large carry capacity which is important if you are going to be hiking for days or maybe weeks. At 70 liters, you can definitely fit in a lot of hiking gears from cameras to extra boots, PC/tablets and other stuffs.
  • Another selling point of the backpack is the waterproof and scratch resistant material used to manufacture it. The 900D Oxford material can withstand the weather elements and the rain fly embedded in the backpack’s bottom region is also ready for extraction when needed.
  • The weight decomposition carrying system of the backpack is great. You can easily adjust the backpack to three different sizes, and then there’s the elasticity sponge which sees airflow circulate round your back to keep it dry and also comfortably cool.
  • There’s a MOLLE external expansion system in place. This system lets you easily use your backpack with other materials and gears. You can also add water bottle holder/bag; add more pockets and/or other accessory kits.
  • If you are all about convenience, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. This tactical looking backpack is very spacious (the main pocket that is), it’s also easy to open for an easy insertion or removal of your gears. It has a total of about 5 compartments; the main area, a zipped bag in front, dual mesh pockets on the side and a bottom area for other random accessories.


  • If you are going to splashing your cash on something, it should be well rounded. The water bottle holders are made of low quality mesh.
  • There are plastics etched into the shoulder pads, could be discomforting.


Getting an all round backpack which is sure to deliver no matter the number of days you plan to spend in the wild could be tasking. The Gonex Military Molle 900D Oxford Waterproof hiking backpack is a reliable piece of gear if you are all for quality over price. It’s comfortable to carry and has a unique look to it as well.

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