How heavy should my backpack be for hiking?

How heavy should my backpack be for hiking?

Hiking in addition to being an adventurous sport, is also a very good way to stay active and fit. There are tons of health benefits that hiking offers.

Since it is a workout, you can count on a hike to improve your mood and make you feel amazing. Now that we have talked about the health benefits hiking is packed with, let’s move on to the things you should pack for a hike.

A hiking backpack should consist of all the necessary items you are going to need during your time up on the mountains. However to keep it from weighing you down, you need to carefully decide on the things that you need to take along and the stuff you need to leave behind.

The weight of your hiking backpack depends upon a variety of different factors. Enlisted below are some of the elements that help you in determining the weight of your hiking backpack.

Duration of hike

First of all, the factor that you should consider while packing your bag is whether you will be going for a day hike or an overnight backpacking experience. For a day hike you can survive with only a few items but for an overnight experience you will need to pack multiple things like a change of clothes, sleeping bag, food (just to name a few things).

So if you are planning on going for a day hike then the weight of your backpack shouldn’t weight more than 5 Kgs. The things you will take along for a day hike will include items like sunscreen, navigation, water, food, toiletries, and map to be brief.

For an overnight trip, you will definitely need to take along a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, torch, food, towels, toiletries, etc.

Before you put all of your things in the backpack you should make sure that your sleeping bag, clothes, and electronic items are in a waterproof section. Because there is no better way of turning your adventure into a nightmare than being stuck on the mountains with your clothes and sleeping bag soaking wet.

There are bags that are waterproof, so consider buying them for hiking purposes especially. They will definitely come in handy if hiking is an adventure you plan on pursuing.

Your preference

Next up, you have to keep your preferences in mind. There are some people who believe that the less the weight there is on their backs, the more enjoyable and relaxing their hike is.

Whereas on the other hand some people believe they’d rather carry the heavy weight on their shoulders rather than keeping themselves from having a luxurious and pleasant experience.

People often debate that they don’t count carrying a lightweight backpack as a fun experience when the catch is to sleep under a thin blanket and be on the verge of catching a cold.

So it’s only wise if you think everything through before you start throwing your things in your backpack.

Rule of thumb

A general rule to follow while determining the size of the backpack is to keep in mind that the weight of your backpack should not be more than a third of your body weight. The weight also depends upon your own physical level of strength and fitness.

Some people tend to carry a heavier backpack than their peers but like I said, it depends on your personal strength. So if you feel like you can manage carrying a heavier bag but can’t sacrifice on taking your luxury items along then you might as well take the plunge and take a heavy backpack along for hiking.

Nowadays it is not too tough to pack all your essentials under the third of your bodyweight because the modern technology of today helps you pack in an ultralight manner without having to sacrifice on any major comfort.

You should pack in a way that your back is relaxed. To do this place the heavier things near your back so that more weight is positioned on your hips.

A sack with a hard back will also aid in carrying the load and protect your back from being poked by sharp instruments. Put the things you will need every now and then on the top so that they are easily accessible.

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