How to lighten your hiking backpack?

How to lighten your hiking backpack?

Are you guilty of packing your hiking backpack without putting much thought into it and end up leaving important things behind and taking stuff which only weighs you down. To keep yourself from lumbering along on your upcoming hiking trip you should meticulously plan the things you should take along.

The amount of fun you have on your hiking trip is dependent upon a number of factors and the weight of your backpack is one of the contributing factors.

A lightweight backpack means fewer cramps and blisters after the hike and overall a much better hiking experience. However some people argue that they’d rather carry a heavy backpack rather than comprise on their comfort.

The good news is that with technology these days it is quite easy to pack in an ultralight fashion without having to pare down.

So, what exactly is the best way to pare down? Enlisted below are a few tried and tested ways to make your adventure more amazing and keep your backpack from sucking all the fun out of your trip.

Choose an ultralight tent

Usually the heaviest item that people have to pack for a hiking trip is a tent. For overnight trips a shelter is a necessity which you simply can’t ignore but nowadays there are ultralight tents available in the market which can significantly help you lighten the weight of your hiking backpack.

However there are conditions where you can avoid taking a tent along. If privacy isn’t that big of a concern for you then you can easily manage with a hammock.

Places where you don’t have to worry about insects are great to just lay out your sleeping back out in the open and sleep under the stars.

But if you can’t compromise on the comfort and privacy that a tent will provide you with then you might as well take the plunge and take it with you.

Make adjustments with your food and personal care items

By repackaging the things you are planning on taking along with you to the hiking trip, you will be able to drastically save space. For example instead of taking a full size bottle of sunscreen, purchase a smaller tube or take a small pack of toothpaste along with you.

As for food, instead of taking along the boxes of nutrition bars, unbox them and pack them separately.

Pare down on clothing

Although, hiking is a sport which can make you drenched in sweat and when that happens people want a change of clothes. But you have to keep in mind that the more clothes you pack, the more weight you will have to carry which will make it difficult for you to cover miles quickly.

Make a list of unused items on your trip

After you are done with your hiking trip, it’s time for you to do some homework. Sit down with pen and piece of paper and while you are unpacking write down every item which went unused during your trip.

This way you will know for sure which items come in handy during your backpacking experience and which items just make you lumber along like a weighed-down mule.

Don’t take books along

It’s understandable that you may be a bookworm and when you aren’t hiking you want to unwind by curling up against the fire with a book in your hand.

I recommend you to download PDF versions of the books you plan on reading because taking books along on a hiking trip when you are thinking about paring down is the perfect example of a bad idea. If you are worried about your phone running out of juice then keep your phone on airplane mode.

Choose your backpack wisely

There is a wide variety of backpacks that is out there available in the market. For a person who wants to lighten the weight of his backpack such as yourself, you should think about purchasing the lightest bag.

Ideally the backpack you choose shouldn’t weight more than 2 Kgs.

Once you have decided on a backpack you should pack your backpack in the best way possible. By keeping more weight next to your back you would be more comfortable on your hiking trip.

At the top, keep the things you will be needing frequently like your water bottle, flashlight, and navigator.

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