Onepack 50L (45+5) Waterproof Hiking Backpack/Daypack Review

Onepack 50L (45+5) Waterproof Hiking Backpack/Daypack Review

There are many choices when it comes to a suitable backpack for your outdoor expeditions and travels, and while this might seem a no-brainer, it is still quite a challenge to find a backpack that will suit your preferences and at the same time come at a thankful price.

For that sole reason, I will attempt to introduce a very interesting backpack that might just be what you need by way of durability, haulage and other qualities that are of vital importance to you.

The backpack we are going to review together to that end is the Hiking Backpack Onepack 50L (45+5) Waterproof daypack. We will look in depth into what interesting features it possesses, as well as its strengths and weaknesses in order to aid you in making an informed choice for your hiking backpack.


The Hiking Backpack Onepack 50L has a collection of rich characteristics which I will now attempt to expound on for our collective benefit.

High Carriage Capacity

The Hiking backpack onepack 50L carries with it a high hauling capacity, making it much easier to bring along so much more belongings to your expeditions in one swoop. It contains a really voluminous main compartment and two zipped compartments to hold some extra stuff you might want to bring along.

It also contains a nice sleeping bag compartment which is useful as you might not want to carry an extra bagging for your sleeping bag. Throw in two side-mesh pockets at the exterior of the bag and you have a bag with enough capacity to bring all your necessities and keep them in separate compartments to ensure you do not take much time seeking out an item in the backpack.

The Hiking backpack onepack really sets the standard here for carriage capacity.


The Hiking backpack onepack 50L daypack has an equally impressive build that is designed to last longer than the average 50L backpack. This staunch backpack design includes a high-quality tear polyester and nylon fibre combination and also comes with an anti-scratch design.

If you fancy carrying more than 50L worth of load along in your backpack, then fear not, the Hiking backpack onepack 50L daypack has got you covered. Its design includes a strong hanging system designed to let you carry on more items albeit in a secondary container.

And in the end, this daypack is still able to hold this weight without the slightest damage to its build. And what is impressive also is that the Hiking backpack keeps all this quality build at the lightest possible weight.

With a product weight of only 2.4 pounds, it is tough to beat as a combination of convenience and durability.


This is the go-to feature for the best backpacks out there today, and the Hiking backpack onepack 50L daypack is no different. You can go for camping, hunting or hiking with family and friends in any season without fear of damages to your personal belongings at the hands of rain or water from any particular source.

With a low-friction, waterproof nylon fabric as part of its body build, the Hiking backpack onepack 50L daypack repels water before it can be able to permeate the surface of the bag, making it very much ideal as a choice backpack particularly if you are headed for areas prone to rainfall.

The Hiking backpack onepack 50L also comes with a waterproof rain cover stored somewhere in the bottom pocket. The purpose of this is to provide even further coverage of the entire backpack from rain including the surface itself.

This is highly convenient particularly if you have to leave your bag under the rain for an extended time frame.


Many hikers often overlook this feature while making their choice for a hiking backpack and ultimately pay the price in the form of an uncomfortable hauling experience. However, this has been covered by the manufacturers of the Hiking backpack onepack 50L daypack.

This backpack comes with a breathable mesh shoulder straps and an extra layer of padding on the straps which are designed to relieve the load stress on your shoulder. This is particularly useful given the large carriage capacity of the backpack.

The Hiking backpack also comes with moulded foam to aid convenient airflow around your back while you carry it around.

Highly Adjustable

The Hiking backpack onepack 50L daypack has highly adjustable shoulder strap length and waist strap that can be made to fit any waist size from 28 inches.


  • Multiple compartments to keep belongings sorted and easy to find
  • Water-resistant
  • High carriage capacity
  • Highly durable
  • Can carry even more with the aid of the hanging structure


  • High capacity can also be overkill for someone aiming to travel extremely light.


While there are many hiking backpack choices that will serve for outdoor expeditions, it is clear that the Hiking backpack onepack 50L water-resistant daypack makes an interesting case for consideration with its awesome balance of convenience, capacity, durability and safety.

This makes it worthy of consideration as your backpack of choice for your outdoor adventures.

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