OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L Review

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L Review

There’s a backpack for everyone, you just have to specify your needs. If you are the more conserved type and just need a small carry companion for your quiet time with nature, then you probably need a backpack with a carrying capacity of around 50 liters.

The number of liters is an important criterion for selecting your backpack because you don’t want to be packing more than required for a 2-5day hiking expedition.

If you’ve considered your options and feel you won’t be hiking for over 5days and thus no need for the excess baggage, you can jump on the Outdoor Master backpack train.


Surely you need proof of the deliverability of the backpack before you throw in your hard earned cash. Well, here’re the features that makes the Outdoor Master hiking backpack tick.

One thing you should already know about the outdoor master backpack is the fact that it’s a multipurpose backpack that is great for any and every other activity from hiking to backpacking, camping or even just leisure travelling.

You can have it handy as your carryon luggage and the best part is its unisex. That is, suitable for both sex (male and female).

There is plenty of space available in this backpack. Although, the capacity is pegged at 50 liters, you can fit in several important items with ample space still remaining.

The backpack comes with a free waterproof rain cover and there’s a dedicated compartment for it. If you are a gadget person like me, or you have a tablet or a laptop which you like to travel with, there’s a padded compartment for it too.

One of the important features of a backpack is the material it is made of. You don’t want to have an inferior backpack with you on a weeks’ hike, it would be ripped to shreds.

This Outdoor Master backpack is made of high quality materials which are comfortable, lightweight and very durable – going to last you for years.

Ease of carry is guaranteed thanks to the padded shoulder straps which are adjustable to fit any size/height of user. There’s also mesh ventilation at the back for better circulated airflow.

If you are looking for a backpack that can comfortably hold most of your travel materials, then you are in luck. The Outdoor Master 50 liters hiking backpack comes with various pockets (which vary in size and length) from the small side mesh pockets to larger zippered pockets for holding gadgets and other gears.

There are even attaching points to make more room for you to pack such large stuffs like sleeping pad, hammock and/or tent.

The overall weight of the Outdoor Master backpack is 2.6 pounds while its dimensions are measured as 23 x 14 x 9 inches.


  • This Outdoor master hiking backpack is a decent looking high quality backpack with 50 liters carrying capacity.
  • The materials used in its manufacture are all quality and top-notch materials from the fabric (made of lightweight yet durable nylon material) down to the zippers used (YKK zippers).
  • The backpack is top-mounted and features a reinforced haul handle for easy carriage.
  • If you are packing a lot of stuffs and want to be organized, there are plenty of pockets to let you get it done and right too. From zippered main compartments to mesh side pockets, front pockets, hip-belt pockets and others.
  • The backpack comes with its own waterproof cover so you get to save a few bucks on buying one. The waterproof cover would come in very handy during weather elements such as rain.
  • There are well made S-curve shoulder straps and foam padded hip belt for added comfort while carrying the backpack.
  • If you are a gadget freak, there’s room for your laptop and/or tablet (up to 15.6-inch screen device).
  • The device is cost effective, not so pricey when compared with several other highly sort after brands.
  • You can lock the backpack if you so wish as it have two zippers waiting to be put to use.


  • The weight of the backpack is somewhat high at 2.6 pounds; it might not be the best carry companion for very long distance hikes.
  • Also, the hip belt of the backpack doesn’t really serve as one, but instead works like a high waist belt thus isn’t an effective option for the weight distribution that the hip belt was made for.


On a final note, this Outdoor Master backpack is a fair deal. It has a large carrying capacity (50L which is decent enough to pack your hiking gears), and also comes with a free waterproof cover.

The zippers and the fabric material are all made of strong materials so you can expect them to take your for a few years. If you are on a budget, then this backpack could come in very handy.

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